Offended? Demand Accountability
You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive.
Today after a bad loss we are witnessing a lot of outrage and bitterness for the program. Everyone is offended… there are those who are expressing their offense at the offenses offensiveness. Others who are offended by those who are voicing their offenses. We’re hearing crazy things like “we need to replace this guy” or “fire (insert name here) of the staff”. Is it to far?
Does this mean we’re bad fans?
Real talk, Mountaineer nation is one of the most loyal fans bases in the world. We bleed “Gold and Blue”. We are very passionate. Just remember, passion always works both ways. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. The reason we feel like a million bucks after a win is the same reason we are so upset when we lose. Never forget, fan is short for fanatic. So whether we win or we lose we want to be heard.
Now you can say “we’re not coaches its not our place to criticize and call people out. You can also say that the best way to drive yourself insane is trying to control something that you have zero control over. But in this day and age, especially because of social media, fair or unfair, its gonna happen. People are going to voice their opinions. Everyone has their 2 cents and it just so happens I’m also gonna give you the change in my pocket.
Now, I’m not gonna get on the web and crush these kids because they are kids. Amateurs with feelings and emotions that we should be sensitive to, though many are not. They work hard with blood, sweat and tears and have a lot on their shoulder.. pads. BUT because we love our team when we witness the debacle that took place on national television Saturday, we’re allowed to have strong feelings. If you go out for any other entertainment, especially if you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money, and it doesn’t live up to what you thought YOU’RE ALWAYS FRUSTRATED. How do you feel when a movie you’ve been waiting for comes out and its terrible? How do feel when u go to a major concert and its extremely whack?? Heck, how do you feel when your hungry and you grab a burger and your fries are cold and your burger is wrong?! SO when it plays out like this for our team, a team that we are emotional invested in, getting embarrassed on national TV what do we honestly expect is going to be the outcome?We’re going to be emotional. Its only natural that it leaves us feeling a certain way! AND IT SHOULD, its SPORTS! It’s the nature of the beast.. THIS IS SPORTS! Right or wrong, this is how it works! Since the beginning of time, this is how its played out! Win or lose there’s ALWAYS a strong, emotional reaction. How did u feel after the Texas Tech comeback?
EMOTIONAL! So in a big loss most of us are gonna be, wait for it….EMOTIONAL! Remember the old phrase “the same thing that makes you laugh will makes you cry?” BINGO! That’s whats happening and aside from the over the top disrespect of some people, like it, right or wrong, its natural.
Playing bad happens. The more important question is WHY? What bothers me about Saturday is not the bad mistakes but what appeared to be, as one fan put it ( @wvsportsguy) “the lack of focus and execution of the offense.” A bad game is acceptable but a lack of focus IS NOT! And all year we’ve lacked focus in games. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! The way you fix ANY PROBLEM, whether its working on your car or working on a math equation, is to isolate the issue.
Someone has to be accountable because that’s the only way things get fixed. Should it play out in public or on social media? Maybe not. But believe me, Dana is gonna single out guys and make them accountable. I hope he lives up to his words “its gonna get real uncomfortable around here.” Look, accountability can play out in different ways. At your job if your not handling your responsibilities there’s gonna be “coaching”: a talkin’ to, a write up, a SOMETHIN to reprimand you so that either you adjust.
Otherwise you’re eventually replaced. This is all for the good of the company, in this case the team. We gotta find the root cause and get it fixed. Is that up to us? No. But the truth is we will continue to demand accountability until we’re singin country roads after EVERY game.
So yeah, we’re allowed to feel angry and hurt. But should it spill into outright disrespect? That’s not ok with me or the rest of the Gold and Blue. But we’re going to have our feeling because this is the way it works. Just remember and know that those same people complaining are complaining because they care. You know a relationship is over when the other person doesn’t care what you do anymore. Fortunately for us those same passionate fans are gonna be in the stands or cheering from home on Saturday when we beat Iowa St. Because although we all have strong opinions, we are a loyal fan base… we just need a few days.

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By Tony | October 31, 2017 at 12:59 am

From a guy who know’s abut passion.
Now that really touched my heart.

By JnPheen | October 31, 2017 at 1:51 am

I appreciate it @Tony! I just felt it was something that needed to be said.

By @herdHater | November 1, 2017 at 1:54 pm

1st Article the hH has read since Marshall lost
to New Hampshire! Glad I did! Emotion is the variable!
You can’t separated the WV (The Emotion) from the U!
(The Team) …. Well done! -hH

By Jnoheen | November 1, 2017 at 6:43 pm

Well put Heeeeerrrrrd Haaaaaaaattttttttaaaaaa. Thanks

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